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Do you really need thousands of exercises, chat, a list of "friends", etc in the exercise app.?

I do not!

That's why I created 2STRNG and I believe I'm not the only one who will enjoy it
2STRNG focuses on just the most important thing you care about in your training and the pretty design is a bonus..


- Custom Excercises Name
Name the exercise as you wish ! You do not need to search amongst thousand others. You know exactly what you're doing. It can be "lifting the barrel" e.g.

- Time Management
During the planning, you can see the estimated time needed to complete the exercise. During the exercise itsel, you can see the estimated time when you will complete the exercise.
Of course there are also times for individual exercises and breaks.

- One-Rep Max ,Intensity & Volume
A couple of motivational statistics will not hurt …
One-Rep Max is automatically calculated using the Brzycki method, Intensity and Total Workout Volume.

- No Registration, No Social Network, No Disturbance
If you want to go and exercise right now and not fill in the registration form, remember other passwords, or be disturbed by John or anyone else….
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    November 16 2019
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