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Hawa Engage
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Whether you’re challenged by our real life activities or in-app mini games, everyone can benefit from taking a few minutes out of their day to start learning how to live a healthier lifestyle.

App Features:

• Play health-related mobile games to collect HealthPoints and have fun!
• Games include: Healthy Market Sweep, Drain the Water Cooler and HealthPoint Highway.

• Looking for a fun and healthy way to spend a break? Flip an activity card for office- and home-friendly wellness activities.
• One activity should be able to be completed in about 15 minutes or less!

• Compete with a friend or family member, in or out of the home and office, in a series of health-related challenges.
• Play through all the challenges at once, or take a break from the competition and return later.

• The easiest way to make health and wellness a regular part of your daily life.
•Keep your streak going by completing one of the HAWA Health Care Team’s recommended wellness challenges before each day is over.

Share the app and your achievements with friends and family.. You can compete against them to get to the top of the leaderboard or win one of 16 achievement medals.

HAWA Health Members (funded through a sponsoring organization) may also connect back to our HAWA Health Support Team to order their annual HAWA HealthPoint Check-Up and request a consultation with a HAWA Care Team provider. Have fun and be healthy!

• • •

Disclaimer: This app is designed as a health promotion tool to provide users with games relating to healthy habits, to support health awareness and health achievements. It is not intended to provide medical advice or replace your physician in any way. As with any new health app, program or service, seek advice from your physician as to what new health-related activities you should or should not be doing, prior to making any lifestyle modifications.
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• More Achievements
• Some new "Easter Eggs"
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  • New App: Free
    August 9 2019