Tap Tap Reaper
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Tap Tap Reaper
iOS Universal
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Hone your skills as the Grim Reaper in this fantasy idle game with thousands of enemies and tons of unique characters. Tap the screen to hit the heroes attacking you and click the special buttons to unleash your extraordinary powers. Continue clicking and travel through different dimensions to dominate everyone who dares to challenge you. If you like level up games with upgradable powers and beautiful graphics, this game is the best option for you.


There are tons of unique characters with unlimited combinations of armour, weapons and features. Heroes, skeletons, zombies, mummies and demons are waiting for you. Can you defeat them all? Slay them by tapping the screen and loot their treasure, upgrade your skills and explore new dimensions.

Each dimension is filled with beautiful cartoon-style graphics and amazing animations that will keep you entertained throughout your quest for world domination. Enjoy beautiful scenes of fantasy forests, undead hallows and more.

Level up your Grim Reaper to unleash his true potential. Unlock and boost his special powers such as Reaper’s touch or Menacing Aura and enjoy playing as the one and true master of life and death.

Advance through tons of adventure-filled dimensions and prove your skills. Featuring incremental game progress and being easy to play, just tap the screen and you’re already on an adventure.

All battle-hardened players can unlock their true mastery by completing daily quests and reaching fun and challenging achievements. Collect special prizes and other awesome features and showcase your prestige to your friends and other players on leaderboards.

You can download and play Tap Tap Reaper for free.
KEYWORDS: Tap, Clicker game, Idle game, Fantasy, Reaper
What's new in v1.2.31
- Account creation and guest login token bugfix
- Account upgrade functionality added
- Candy per dimension travel 1 -> 5
- Reduce armour and buff drop rate
- Multiple tutorial improvements
- Time played and days played tracking improvements
- Redeem code chest dynamic rewards
- Achievement notification bugfix
- Daily rewards future rewards grayscale
- Leaderboard to support large numbers
- Rate us star image update
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    July 11 2019
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    July 10 2019
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    July 3 2019
  • New App: Free
    June 24 2019