Reincubate Lookup
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Reincubate Lookup
iOS Universal
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4.7 (14)
Reincubate Lookup provides detailed information on Apple devices from a scan of their packaging, or from their serial number or IMEI.

Lookup is helpful for system administrators looking to learn more about their fleets of devices, for users buying second-hand devices wanting to confirm their details, and for developers looking to buy devices running a particular OS.

For a given device, Reincubate Lookup can find:

* Its colours, storage, and technical specification
* When and where it was made, and what it looks like
* Which OS it was likely running when it was sold, and the latest OS it’s capable of running
* Where its SIM was registered (for IMEI lookups)
* How its IMEI code starts (for serial lookups) or how its serial ends (for IMEI lookups)

Users can save a collection of devices in the app for later reference.
What's new in v1.0.2
Thanks for using Reincubate Lookup! This version includes fixes the following issues:
* Some users on iOS 13 were unable to copy and paste.
* The preview result shown under the lookup field could get stuck.
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    November 11 2019