Famous Fossil
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Famous Fossil
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Famous Fossil sets a new benchmark for educational software by allowing users to explore a priceless real-world dinosaur fossil and watch in stunning photorealism as the animal comes to life at your feet (or on your desk) - all in jaw-dropping AR, allowing you to view from any angle.

Listen to clues and explore the AR fossil to reveal amazing evidence hidden in the stone relating to the animal's movement and outward appearance. After researching the fossil, watch as the animal's bones rise from the rock to assemble the full skeleton which proceeds to walk around your own room with haunting realism, due to the advanced, anatomically correct and weighted animation. 

More clues give a fascinating insight into this truly remarkable fossil - such as did it have the world's first primitive feathers and start the evolution of dinosaurs into modern day birds?

Finally, after learning key facts about the skeleton, you'll have the chance to walk around and experience how the dinosaur actually looked million of years ago in spectacular augmented reality - complete with it's correct skin colour and texture, which amazingly, can be seen in the fossil!

Famous Fossil will delight students, educators and scientists alike, and give a window into how immersive AR experiences can provide serious advances in learning, engagement and memory retention.
What's new in v1.0.2
- new preview videos show the stunning photorealism of the fossil, skeleton & dinosaur
- you won't believe the unbelievable secrets hidden in the real-world fossil
- run Famous Fossil at full size, or shrink it down to fit on your desk!
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