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Huuungry makes it easy to decide where to eat, when you already know what your favorite places are, but just can't decide which one tickles your tum tum!

Add all your favorite restaurants, either by searching for them on a map, or by manually entering a secret location. Give them your own ratings and price ranges, categorize them by cuisine, and even enter your favorite time to go (remember that popular place that's impossible to find parking for at night? Maybe lunch is a better time to go there.)

Upon shaking your device in frustration from dying hunger, Huuungry will automatically pick from your favorite restaurants and offer you a suggestion. Too expensive? A tap of a button offers somewhere cheaper. Not feeling hamburgers again? Not a problem, Huuungry can also suggest another cuisine. Don't feel like driving too far? Huuungry takes the locations into account, and can offer something closer. Run out of suggestions? Don't worry, our patent-pending* randomizer will offer you the same suggestions all over again in case you change your mind.

*not really

Be sure to feed Huuungry with lots of your favorite restaurants, or it won't know what to suggest to you when you are hungry!

Need more ways to randomize your favorite places? Add the Huuungry widget to your home screen to get quick access to a random place. Have multiple devices? Huuungry will automatically use your iCloud account to sync all your favorite places across all your devices, including your watch so you can randomize on the go!
What's new in v1.1
• Added 16 fun new food-related stickers to send to your friends!
• Added support for Dark Mode.
• Added a notes section for each restaurant.
• Updated and refreshed the themes and UI colors.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when choosing an image in the add restaurant screen on iPad.
• Updated the About screen.
• Fixed an issue where a restaurant row could sometimes not be tapped.
• Fixed an issue where an image could sometimes not be saved when entering a new restaurant on iPhone.
• Fixed an issue where the correct restaurant row would not be highlighted on iPad when saving.
• Fixed an issue where the restaurant row would flash while being updated on iPad.
• Added an explanatory alert to the restaurant addition screen if a name was not entered.
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