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Hellonext Feature Upvote
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Hellonext feature upvote tool is now out for iOS. Now, as an administrator of Hellonext, you can manage customer feedback for your product, upvote on ideas submitted to your product and more.

Hellonext is the easiest way to collect, update, and manage customer feedback to help you build the best version of your product. We are so happy to be helping over 5000 customers from different countries to gather customer feedback for their products.

Hellonext mobile app comes with all the admin-facing features that you access on the web - in a simple interface which helps you get done.

With it, you can,

● Create, reply, and update your customers about what you are working on.
● Organize and manage all your feedback in a single platform.
● Get notifications for new activities on your domain.
● Powerful analytics for your domain, right on your iPhone or iPad.
● We build and release features, integrations, updates every 15 days.

Hellonext is free to download and use on iOS, provided you have an existing account with the platform.

If you are a startup, plans start at just $10/account/month. Build great products. Keep pushing! :)
What's new in v1.0.1
Thank you for giving us feedback, and trying out Hellonext. This release contains some bug fixes that will help you get a delightful experience using Hellonext. Next release is very soon. With improved UI, and so much more.
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    May 23 2020