Cell Battle
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iOS Universal
Cell Battle
iOS Universal
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Cells Battle is simple casual game.
All you need to do that is press button play and watch the battle comes.
You will have red balls, the fighters against Violet Virus.
Your ball fighter can be upgraded by merge them together. You drag red ball to drop on the same red ball, the new stronger red ball will be appeared.
There are some maps with many levels are waiting for you.
Let's fight Violet Virus!

- Upgrade your Cells to be stronger.
- Beautiful effect and design.
- Smooth physic.
- Lucky wheel help you earn more gold.
- Many levels to challenge.

You need to buy slot before buying Cell hero, each slot will be changed by new red ball hero.
Now, let's help red ball hero updgrade to fight Violet Virus.
If you have some suggestions or idea, please dont mind contact us via email:
Thank you so much and have fun!
What's new in v1.2.4
Hi, New levels, new grass with new fx have been updated, check it out!
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