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ELLIS - ToDo List Focus Timer
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Using Timeboxing to manage Your daily tasks has plenty of advantages! Deadlines are known to improve focus by helping avoid distractions and prioritize the current task. It's perfect for perfectionists because instead of overthinking the choices You are limited by time and have to move on. When otherwise You'd fall behind on tasks. Timeboxing is a gamechanger for anyone who struggles to concentrate. It helps You to control multitasking which is the biggest reason why we lose time.

Timeo is the only time management tool that will not only help You organize your time better but also will motivate You and keep You accountable. No matter if it’s writing, programming, studying or any other task. All of this while making sure you have considerable time to rest to avoid burnout. And the best thing is it's free.

Let go of all the modern distractions and forget procrastination. When you start working on a task You’re committing to leave all the notifications behind and focus on the moment. All of it can wait. It’s Your time.

The concept is simple. You reserve a chunk of time to work/focus distraction free. This time is divided into blocks separated by breaks to increase your efficiency. After having completed a Timeblock, You will be rewarded with an adequate amount of Workcoins although quit and You shall be punished.

Work instead of thinking about working!
It’s a common mistake to plan out your work longer than actually working. And it’s true, a great plan is a key to great productivity. But why waste time planning when Timeo will do it for You in seconds. Just say how much time You want to devote to a certain task and I’ll divide it to time blocks in order to boost Your focus and I’ll even give You time for a break because, well, you deserve it!

Stay on the path!
Set out goals for Yourself! Even if they don’t seem realistic. It’s good to know where You’re headed. Not only for productivity but also for Your mental health. Don’t overwork Yourself with something unimportant for You. Let Orario remind You to stay on Your track.

Ah, look at those numbers!
Once in a while have a look at Your weekly stats to see how You’re doing. It’s oddly satisfying making those numbers grow You know?

Best practices
I recommend You divide Your larger tasks into smaller 25-minute tasks. And add them all to the app. Then You’ll find it easier to focus and the process will be much more organized. Also, try to avoid mixing tasks as it will lead to deconcentration. You don’t have to worry about break time, it’ll be added automagically​. Although when taking a break try to stay away from social media and do something relaxing like a quick walk, 7-minute workout or a fresh cup of coffee!

You improve and so do we!
Timeo is the ultimate productivity app because it’s constantly being improved with the latest and personally tested productivity methods. I’m also open to Your suggestions!
What's new in v2.4
Minor bug fixes and performance improvements!
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