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Lodyhelp - Apartment for rent
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A home app helps you to find a house in Vietnam with huge information about property in Vietnam such as Hanoi property, Saigon property, Danang property and Hoian property. This is a place where a new-comer to Vietnam can connect with our friendly and kind local buddies as well as the local people to get support and find your right home in Vietnam. Real-time chat on Lodyhelp makes it much more convenient for you to help and be helped about adapting the Vietnamese local lifestyle.

*For a new-comer to Vietnam:

As this is a rental property app free with the advanced properties search, home search and real estate search, you can use Lodyhelp as a:
House rental app with a smart house finder function for finding a house in Vietnam, houses for rent by owner authority, buy a house, house for sale, or to learn how to buy a home in Vietnam.
One of the quickest search apartment for rent apps with a huge apt information volume to search apartments and update the latest lease apartment on the market.
One of the fast update real estate apps with the latest news about property in Vietnam, homes for rent, rental property fluctuation.
Connect the agent property to find a property and buy a property or event book an appointment with the rental agent to get more information about the property for rent to find your best homes in town.
Search flats app to find and rent a flat or an interesting home mate.
Not only a house app but also a place to search for tips and trending news to adapt to the Vietnamese lifestyle and other utilities such as local moving services, traditional cultural beauty, survival tips and so on.
A local friend to make your life in Vietnam easier by getting direction to your target destinations, finding interesting destination surrounds and getting a notification when new property for rent is available on the app.

*For a host, local buddies:

This is a home rental apps where you can:
Bring your homes for sale news to more new-comers.
Post to get attraction from foreigners if you have rooms to rent, property to rent.
Connect the agent property and new-comers as well as foreigners in Vietnam to build your network and get more rents for your property.
Connect the local buddies team for language support in case you need to communicate with the foreigners.

More than a property app, Lodyhelp also provides you with a system of eco-service where you can find other utilities in town.

It includes:
- Food: Restaurants with different style and diversified cuisine.
- Meetup: Coffee shops, bars and pubs.
- Shopping: Clothes, furniture and souvenirs.
- Gym/Yoga.
- Pet spots: Pet stores, pet doctors and a place to share your pet stories with other pet lovers.
- Transport rental.
- Laundry.
What's new in v1.0.4
* Bugs fixes and performance improvements.