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Looking for a simple tool to track your moods?

If so, then you should try Moodify - an easy to use app that allows both mood tracking and journaling on the go. Mood tracker apps are designed for busy and progressive people, or those who simply aren’t into writing their emotions and experiences out by hand. Not only will you keep track of your feelings and stay emotionally stable, you’ll also get the chance to determine what makes you feel negative emotions. When you know what’s making you sad or lonely, you will know how to make yourself happy!

Doctors usually recommend it to patients who want to improve their mental health. Whether you suffer from an eating disorder, bipolar disorder, ADD (or ADHD), depression, or even schizophrenia, journaling may be of benefit to you. *

Journaling every day is a great habit to get into, as it can help you identify things that would otherwise go unnoticed, such as: patterns in your thinking, the influences behind your feelings and behavior, and any disharmony in your life. It is an effective way to get all of your emotions out, reducing your stress and releasing tension.

Need more reasons why tracking your mood is what you need? Here you are:

· you will gain insights about your inner life

· understand patterns of behavior and thoughts

· learn what’s causing your feelings over time and regulate them

· enhance the way you manage your life each day

· learn how your feelings are affecting your decisions, relationships, and performance

· measure changes in emotions and reflect on their feelings

We've created this app to help you put everything in order when your world feels like it’s in chaos and get to know yourself by revealing your most private fears, thoughts, and feelings. You don't have to spend much time using the app. The interface is very user-friendly, just choose the emotion you are experiencing at the moment, use a couple of emojis and notes, if you want to describe your thoughts in details. That's it! Simple action that leads to dramatic changes to a better life.

Track your mood on a daily basis to recognize triggers, identify negative thoughts and behaviors, and learn to control them. Through your journaling you’ll discover that this app is an all-accepting, nonjudgmental friend.

Happy mood tracking and best of luck on your journaling journey!

*Please note that this app should not be used as a substitute for professional help, but the data can be easily shared with your doctor.
What's new in v1.1
- We add login using TouchID/FaceID
- Fixed some UI elements
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