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===[ For Cyber Advisors & Project Teams ]===
The RiskTaker App is an indispensable tool for Cybersecurity Advisors who requires the ability to capture project risks promptly while moving amongst multiple project teams.

The RiskTaker App creates engagement opportunities to walk through risk assessment decisions with stakeholders to fosters a collaborative way to gain a shared understanding of business and technical implications.

===[ For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs ]===
Managing CyberSecurity Risks can be challenging if not daunting tasks for small business operators and entrepreneurs.

The RiskTaker App provides a structured approach to help business owners and entrepreneurs understand potential risk implications to make an informed decision quickly.

===[ Key Features ]===
1. Cybersecurity Risks Tracking For Projects
Replace spreadsheet or paper-based register and allow project teams to keep track of Cybersecurity risks while working in an agile manner.

2. Support Multiple Risk Assessment Methodologies
Enable the team to determine potential risk impact quickly using industry-standard methodologies (OWASP, STRIDE/DREAD and more coming).

3. Cyber Briefings
Receives topical briefings on cybersecurity issues and trends from around the world to aid better decision making.

4. Fancy Name Generator
Generate one-of-a-kind fancy names to be used as project codenames or kanban Avatars. There are over 500K combinations of unique names with different colours and motif.

===[ Usage Requirements ]===
This app requires an active internet connection for registration and optimum experience.
What's new in v1.2.1
- Minor tweak
- Bugfix for the display of news
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