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===[ For Cyber Practitioners ]===
The RiskTaker App is an indispensable tool for Cyber Practitioners & Consultants who are always on the move but requires the ability to capture project risks in a timely manner, while interacting with project stakeholders.

The RiskTaker App creates an engagement opportunity that allow Cyber Practitioners to walk through risk assessment processes with their stakeholders. This fosters a collaborative way to gain a common understanding of business and technical implications.

===[ For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs ]===
Managing CyberSecurity Risks can be a challenging if not daunting tasks for most. This is especially true for small business operators and entrepreneurs that just want to focus their energy on building a successful and sustainable business.

>>> Key Feature: Project Risk Tracking & Assessment
Provide a simple and intuitive method to keep track of risk scenarios for projects and perform risk assessment using international recognised methodology (OWASP, and more coming).

>>> Key Feature: Cyber Briefings
Receives topical briefings on cyber security issues and trends from around the world.

>>> Key Feature: Name Generator
Generate one-of-a-kind fancy names to be used as project codenames or kanban Avatars. There are over 500K combinations of unique and meaningful names.

===[ Requirements ]===
This app requires an active internet connection for registration and optimum experience.

===[ Our Philosophy ]===
Technology is and can be a business enabler, and cyber risks can become the opportunity to gain competitive advantages.

Tools like this are just an instrument that Cyber Practitioners leverage to engage with their stakeholders, and not use in isolation for maximum effectiveness.

Make Cyber Risk simple and easy to understand, and approach the solution using business language rather than tech speak.
What's new in v1.1.3
Better support for the newest version of iOS, and better visual to enhance your experiences.
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    September 30 2019
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    September 17 2019
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    September 16 2019
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    May 9 2019