Steal Sign Stealer
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Steal Sign Stealer
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4.5 (17)
Decode and steal your opponents steal signs using the Steal Sign Stealer!
Using a few easy steps, you'll be on your way to victory.

Here's how it works:
[1.] Record the signs that the opposing team is giving by tapping the sign buttons.
[2.] Record the outcome of the play, whether the player on base stole or not.
[3.] Repeat, and train the app to learn the signs.
[4.] After a few times, the app will begin to predict what the team's steal sign is. Keep going, and the app could also pick up wash signs as well!

[x] You can customize the buttons to be any sign the team is giving, such as touching your hat, or clapping your hands.
[x] "Wash sign" refers to a sign at the end of a sequence of signs which means all signs before are cancelled
[x] Please be sure to always follow your league's rules. We do not encourage cheating, and are not responsible if you get in trouble using the Steal Sign Stealer. This app is intended for entertainment purposes.
What's new in v1.0
[x] Basic interface updates and optimizations
[x] Critical Bug Fix concerning the detection of "wash" signs
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    July 8 2019
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    July 6 2019