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iOS Universal
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4.5 (1106)
JustVPN is the best VPN - 100% FREE UNLIMITED High-Speed VPN Proxy for your iOS device. It's
highly secured with military-grade encryption for you to safely browse on public and school

General features:
• easy to use one-click connect and secure
• dozens of high-speed dedicated VPN servers to your disposal
• Unlimited bandwidth usage for streaming and downloading
• no VPN trial - Fully unlimited VPN without session restrictions or bandwidth limitations
• no registration or payment options necessary
• stable connection at home and abroad

Security features:
• Secure DNS to prevent your ISP or public WiFi from snooping
• Military-grade cybersecurity
• secure WiFi connections
• No logs, we won't store or check your traffic, private browsing VPN

• unrestricted access to all websites
• private incognito browsing when tunnelling traffic
• no P2P restrictions
• Blazing fast speeds for ultra-fast connections
• Hotspot VPN protection, a hotspot shield security

JustVPN is a free unblock proxy VPN for your iOS device. It's an entirely unlimited & free virtual
private network. Quickly establish a connection by merely tapping connect. We are the Masters of
VPN, providing you with a betternet - a better Internet.

Use cases for JustVPN are genuinely limitless;
• a simple way to add an extra security layer for your privacy
• you can use it on your schools' WiFi to circumvent their content blocks
• Use it on public networks to prevent data loss
• Protect your privacy from APPs which are gathering your IP and tracking your geoIP location data
• watch Videos and Movies over a proxy VPN

In which countries can I use JustVPN, you may ask?
You can use JustVPN anywhere; we don't restrict the usage. With dozens of servers and half a dozen
locations, we can ensure it's highly suitable as a VPN for Asia, a VPN for Europe, a VPN for South
America and a VPN for the Middle East.

The VPN works excellent everywhere! Especially useful as a VPN in the USA UK, Germany, Belgium,
Austria, France, VPN Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, VPN India, Hong Kong.

The locations are available as follows:
• VPN USA (East and West Coast)
• VPN United Kingdom (London and Manchester)
• VPN Netherlands
• VPN Germany
• VPN Singapore
• VPN Spain
• VPN France
• VPN India
• VPN France
• VPN Italy
• VPN Austria
• VPN Switzerland
• VPN Belgium
• VPN Czech Republic
• VPN Belgium
• VPN Denmark
• VPN Romania
* VPN Hungary

JustVPN, a genuinely free super VPN.

Dear users, we do our best to cover worldwide. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a 100%
availability in every country. Should there be problems with connecting in your country, please
contact us via (if possible leave us your skype name), we'll try to make it work!
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