Logic Mind Tree
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Logic Mind Tree
iOS Universal
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[Logic Mind Tree] is an app that lets you quickly build your mind. When you have an idea, [Logic Mind Tree] helps you focus on its architecture and combing, combining logic and creativity to make your thinking clearly visible. It can be applied to notes, learning, design, teaching, etc., and enjoy logical thinking design.

The specific functions are as follows:

Support for exporting large pictures.
Support single node icon size setting, single node font setting, support undo, redo, etc.
Support group node and item node, support zoom operation.
Supports convenient copy, paste, and move operations.
Supports setting node pictures, links, text colors, notes, etc.
Support multiple display methods. Make your thinking clearer.
The file is configured in XML format and can be edited by sharing and other XML editors.
Support sharing source files or jpg format files.
Support file import and opening, etc.
The application has offline file storage, which is convenient and reliable. and it also provides a backup function, which can compress and share all files and save them.
Suitable for thinking logic training, English learning, outline collation, work summary, genealogy drawing, etc.
1. Add icon and number management
2. Increase border settings
3. Support the independent height and length of each node line
4. Support hidden root node
5. Improve known issues
What's new in v3.0.5
Optimize part of the interface
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