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MAGNUS Traveler allows travelers around the world to get MAGNUS emergency response services, risk alerts and local assistance wherever they are in the world.

MAGNUS Traveler is a travel app designed for both the urban tourists, as well as the extreme adventurers. It provides travelers around the world with an additional layer of security features based on advanced geo location technologies.
Access premium features to ensure that you can instantly contact help from authorized emergency responders close to your location.

With MAGNUS Traveler, you’ll never walk alone no matter where you are in the world.

Key Features:
• Panic Button: Our emergency team will provide immediate assistance, with just a single tap. Panic alerts are sent to our 24/7 Emergency Control Center. MAGNUS Rescue Coordination Experts will provide the immediate assistance and care that you require.

• Walk With Me: Allow our trained personnel to virtually escort you and track your journey. If you’re in an area that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, just hold the button and our team will monitor your progress to ensure that you make it home safely.
What's new in v1.3.2
This version includes minor bug fixes.
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  • Update
    June 13 2019
  • New App: Free
    April 29 2019