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Screenshot FX - Rounded Shapes
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Draw rounded shapes and capture screen with all-new approach to screenshots.

Screenshot FX completely reinvents the process of taking screenshots. It allows you to draw any shape on your screen and then take a screenshot of that portion of the display. With the special draw tool, you can place points of the shape anywhere on the screen and outline an area that you want to capture. Screenshot FX even allows you to draw curves and take oval screenshots or combine straight lines with the curves and capture any other shape that you want!

Screenshot FX stays silently in the background and is ready whenever you need it. Every time you want to take a screenshot, just use a simple keyboard shortcut and start creating points of the shape that you want to capture. It’s that easy!

Screenshot FX creates a transparent background around the shape that you capture and makes it perfect for incorporation into presentations, websites, e-books, documents and other projects. Images with transparent backgrounds look great and do not overlay other elements in the project.
What's new in v2.0
- Optimization for macOS Mojave dark mode.
- Screenshot keyboard shortcut is changed to Shift+Cmd+1
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