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FabRate - Textile Calculator
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FabRate is an application which helps to the user to calculate the
Fabric Rate
Yarn quantity of Warp and Weft required for certain quantity of Gray fabric,
Loom production per day,

For Calculation of the Fabric Rate you just have to provide the following information
For Example you have to estimate the below

76x68/30sx30s - 70”

End/Inch 76 Pick/Inch 68
Width 70"
Warp Count 30s Weft Count 30s
Yarn Rate for Warp/LBS 110 Yarn Rate for Weft/LBS 110
Warp Contraction in %age Weft Contraction in %age
Loom Rate/pick 0.25
Quantity of Fabric 10,000 Mtrs
Warp Yarn Weight (Auto Calculated)
Weft Yarn Weight (Auto Calculated)
Total Yarn Weight (Auto Calculated)
Rejection %age
Admin Expense/Mtr
Other Expense/Mtr
Finish or Dyeing/Mtr
Commission %age
Tax %age

Also you can calculate per day production with below info
Loom RPM
Loom Efficiency %age
Production/Day (Auto Calculated)

You just after entering required information Click on the Calculate button and the Fabric rate calculated automatically is shown in the Top Bar of App and Warp Weight and Weft weight is calculated in the specified fields you see.
You have option to save it with the name of party/Customer you quote.
Note: -
Contraction is consumption of yarn in fabric due to waviness during interlacing exceeding the woven length.
Also add in contraction %age of wastage of yarn during process of sizing for Warp and wastage of Weft for other reasons, normally the Contraction for Warp is more than the weft. However net practical of the weaving is the 8% to 16% for Warp and 4% to 8% for Weft.

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What's new in v1.06
Improvement and bug fixes.
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