DuoCam PRO
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DuoCam PRO
hui zhang
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DuoCam PRO is for Click photos from both side.

Capture The best moment of your life with your friends and family together with DuoCam PRO app no body is left behind. This app helps to capture both front and back view in single image. Now include yourself in every image you click. Do click a Selfie click with DueCam.

When you take pictures for your love ones, do you want to be part of it? DuoCam PRO app will help you to do that. It will take picture using the back camera on your phone for your love ones first, then it will use the front camera on your phone to take a picture of you. In the option menu, you can select the front camera image size, auto or manual to take the front camera picture. The time delay is for the auto front camera picture taking. If you find the front camera picture is too dark in auto mode, try to select a large time delay.
What's new in v1.1
fix bugs
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    May 21 2019
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    May 10 2019