Water Balance & Reminder
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Water Balance & Reminder
Thomas Snyder
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Water Balance & Reminder is a great app to help you stay hydrated throughout a day! 

Water Balance & Reminder is a tracker with an alarm built in to let you know not only how much water you have already consumed, but also to remind you when your next glass of water should be. 

All you have to do is choose your preferred glass, set your reminder and off you go! 

During the day, you will receive Water Balance & Reminder's notifications that it is time to hydrate your body. Thanks to a vast number of glass sizes, now you don't have to worry about always having the same size glass next to you.

Water Balance & Reminder's design is highly effective, giving you a visual of how much water you have already consumed and how much water you need to reach your daily water intake. It also provides you with the time when you drank water as well as what the glass size you used. 

Detailed statistics in graphics gives you a clear idea of your weekly/monthly/yearly water intake.

Stay fit, keep your health in check and download our Water Balance & Reminder now! 

- Scheduled notifications according to the wake up/ sleep time
- A vast choice of glasses in standard (fl.oz) or metric (ml) units
- Detailed graphs 
- Real time results
- Visually pleasing design
- Easy to use
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  • $2.99
    June 15 2019
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    June 4 2019