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Mind Read
Hugo Cervantes
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Mind Read is a fun, but also educational game. Mind Read is great for ALL AGES, from children to seniors, allowing the whole family to exercise mental addition skills.

You can amaze your friends and relatives by asking them to think on any number between 1 and 63. Then you will ask them to look for the number they have in mind over Mind Read App six simple tables (each with different sets of numbers from 1 to 63). They will have to answer, by pressing the Yes or No buttons, if their number was shown at each table. immediately after the sixth question is answer, you will be able to guess the number they were thinking on... They will be shocked!

For a different kind of fun, you may choose as well having the device to guess your friend's (or your own) number).

How it works?

This game is based on binary math. When your friend is answering, with Yes or No, each of the six questions, you will see at the bottom right corner an "R" followed by a six Ys and/or Ns, indicating each of your friend’s answers. To guess the number you'll simply have to mentally add, starting from zero, the following numbers according with R’s contents:

Y on 1st position: add 1
Y on 2nd position: add 2
Y on 3rd position: add 4
Y on 4th position: add 8
Y on 5th position: add 16
Y on 6th position: add 32

All Ns will be ignored, so the more Ns, the easier for you to guess. The mental addition total will give you exactly the number your friend was thinking on!

If after going through the six questions you read at the bottom right corner:

Then you will mentally add: 1 + 4 + 8 + 32. That's equal to 45. You can look at your friend straight to the eyes for a couple of seconds and say... "I am reading your mind now…" Then you simply say: "The number you were thinking is 45!" They will be socked and would like you to guess their mind again...

The more you play, the more you will be exercising your mind for mental addition. Isn’t it a witty way for keeping your brain in good shape?

So enjoy!
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