Sleep Apnea Recorder
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iOS Universal
Sleep Apnea Recorder
Yoonho Kim
iOS Universal
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Sleep Apnea Recorder allows parents to monitor their child for sleep disordered breathing symptoms. The app has many features including:
*Record your child’s sleep symptoms in a simple check list fashion
*Record video and audio files of your child sleeping
*Review all data in a simple graph and averaged chart
*Record the length of an apnea event (the amount of time your child is not breathing)

Easy steps of use:
1. Create a profile for your child. You can create multiple profiles.
2. Record your child's sleep and time any apneas (length of time your child is not breathing) with the built-in timer.
3. Select other sleep symptoms present during this night.
4. Please record at least 5 nights before your next appointment!
4. Review the data with the list link for a concise summary in both graph and averaged chart formats.
*There is an edit link available if you need to modify anything.
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    June 19 2019