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Audanika is a digital music instrument with a revolutionary tone system. As the future successor to the well-known SoundPrism music app, Audanika was initially developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology and perfected over years of work.

Audanika's tone system efficiently summarizes hundreds of music-theoretical rules. You will be able to compose well-sounding melodies and chords after a short time of practice.

Technical facts about the Audanika:

1. Each column of the Audanika represents a melody tone. Each row represents a chord. You can now either change the harmonic or the melodic part of the sound with only one finger.

2. The tone system of the Audanika is the consequent evolution of the piano keyboard. While the piano separates chromatic and diatonic tones, the Audanika separates diatonic and chordal tones. This allows you to change relaxed chords into tension chords intuitively.

3. Audanika's tone system is today's most efficient organization of hundreds of musical rules. With only one finger, you can easily play:

- 24 major and minor triads in seven variations each:
- Basic position
- First inversion
- Second inversion
- Sus2
- Sus4
- Sixth chord
- Sept chord

- 84 scales
- c, c#, ... h ionic
- c, c#, ... h dorian
- c, c#, ... h Phrygian
- c, c#, ... h Lydian
- c, c#, ... h mixolydian
- c, c#, ... h aeolian
- c, c#, ... h locrian