Compass with altitude
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Compass with altitude
Jian Wang
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手机指南针是一款超小,超便捷的指南针定位工具,安装包体积小,下载无压力;集指南针和地图二合一,打破以往单纯指针界面,配以地图,更直观,定位更准确,还包含简易水平仪让你再摆放,悬挂物品时更好的找准平衡,当您来到一个陌生得地方或者迷路不要怕,打开手机指南针, 它会给你一个的方向和位置带你走出困境找准方向,让你不再迷失方向。
还在为旅行迷路而发愁吗? 分不清自己身在何处,赶快下载这款超酷的指南针实用小工具,拯救路痴的利器,帮助您分清东南西北。有了它,航海、野外探险、城市道路....不在话下,是您出行的必备工具!

1、 精致并现代的质感设计,操作简单,易上手;

The mobile phone compass is an ultra-small, ultra-convenient compass positioning tool that combines a compass and a map. It breaks the simple pointer interface and is more intuitive and more accurate. It also includes a simple level for you to place. When you hang the item, you can find the balance better. When you come to a strange place or get lost, don't be afraid to open the mobile phone compass. It will give you a direction and position to take you out of the predicament and find the right direction so that you no longer lose your way. .

1, exquisite and modern texture design, easy to operate, easy to use;
2. Quickly display the current geographical location, latitude and longitude, and horizontal tilt;
3, easy to identify the location + map navigation, accurate display of surrounding information.
4. Support three modes of standard map, satellite map and night view;
4, GPS rapid positioning, display the user's current location and inform the southeast and northwest;
5, the installation package is small, download no pressure;
What's new in v1.4
- 设置增加指针转动配置开关;
- 优化功能解决用户反馈的问题。
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