Baller Life
4.6 (21)
Baller Life
Michael Montulet
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4.6 (21)
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4.6 (21)
Baller Life is an arcadey, streetball adventure that is full of content and characters. Work your way up in the league to defeat anyone that stands in your way!


Play Mode - Choose between a 1v1, 2v2, or shoot around on any map!

Season Mode - Play in a 2v2, and verse random opponents! Each win or loss affects your permanent record.

Tournament Mode - Join the tournament and win each battle to move forward! Get to Battle 45 to go up against the Season 1 Boss!

Challenge Mode - Play in difficult challenges with a chance to earn free coins and skins!
What's new in v1.11
* Fixed performance in game when an afro is equipped.

* Added a graphics settings menu when the app is first loaded to avoid crashing on older devices (iPhone XR and under).

* Improved some UI bugs and visibility.

* Changed the lighting of the season mode court from pink to white.
  • App History
  • Update
    April 11 2021
  • New App: Free
    April 5 2021