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Clayton Watkins
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A lightweight, monthly bill tracker with reminder notifications. Billsly helps you track your monthly bills in one place. Never be late on a bill again! Get reminded the day before a bill is due with a notification, and then mark it as paid in app. Billsly will automatically move all your bills to the next month so no need to re add bills, or update them manually. Billsly will show you at a glance how many bills you have left this month, and how much those bills have cost you.
What's new in v1.01
Minor bug fixes and Improvements including:

- Bug Fix: "Leave a rating" button now properly guides user to the app store listing
- Bug Fix: Tapping on the bottom portion of the settings page no longer causes it to highlight itself
- Improvement: Changed icon on "Manage Bills" page to reflect a back arrow like on the settings page for uniformity
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    April 4 2021
  • New App: Free
    April 2 2021