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Now you can share Bildbyrån’s pictures, shot by our award-winning photographers. Search for your favorite players and sports and let the rest of the world see them. Our photographers are present at all major world championships and the Olympic Games, but also at every single game in SHL and Allsvenskan.

Bildbyrån Plus is a subscription service where you, as an athlete or private person, get access to Bildbyrån’s award-winning images without watermarking.

Share your favorite images on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. By choosing to save images to the camera roll you can also publish them to your personal blog.

In order to share images with Bildbyrån Plus you must purchase a subscription.
Bildbyrån Plus costs 99 SEK a month

Bildbyrån Plus subscription:
If you choose to subscribe to Bildbyrån Plus your purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. The subscription will be automatically renewed 24 hours before it expires and you can manage it from the user settings in iTunes after the purchase. By starting a subscription, you accept our terms of use.

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