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The ZED Augmented Reality (AR) application is a one stop shop for ZED horse owners and delivers a real horse ownership experience.

With ZED AR, you can bring your digital racehorses out of their virtual stables and into the real world.

Using the latest AR technologies, users can place multiple racehorses into their environment and interact with them.

In this version, users will be able to sync to their ZED stables, check on their racehorse statistics and interact with them in the real world. Users can also take photos with their racehorses and quickly share them with various social media outlets.

Moving forward, we will be updating features to help create heightened emotional connections for ZED racehorse owners.

ZED aims to give everyone the experience of real world racehorse ownership.

ZED is a digital horse racing game where players can build a stable of racehorses by buying, breeding, and racing digital racehorses. The ultimate goal in ZED is to create a legacy with a valuable stable full of winning and rare racehorses. The more you breed and race, the greater your legacy becomes.

Built on the ethereum network using ERC 721 technology, ZED racehorses hold real ethereum value which are stored on a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

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We hope you enjoy our first release of ZED AR and would love to hear your feedback!
What's new in v1.0
Updated stable. Users can access more then 10 horses.

Updated Caption. Added colorpicker and font types
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    June 14 2020
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    May 25 2020