Escape game Morning
5.0 (59)
iOS Universal
Escape game Morning
iOS Universal
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5.0 (65)
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5.0 (59)
Please escape from the room in the morning when it was dull.
It is an escape game that you can play easily with just a tap operation.

Game function
・ There is an auto save function.
・ There is a volume control function.
・ By watching videos or large screen ads,
You can see the "Hint" or "Answer" for solving the mystery.

Method of operation
・ Please check with the tap the place of your concern on the screen.
・ Move with arrow tap at the bottom of the screen.
・ The acquired items can be selected by tapping.
・ If you tap the item again, you can enlarge and check it.
-The specific place on the screen can solve the mystery by selecting and using the item.
-Specific items can solve the mystery by selecting and using the items.

About advertisement
-Production of the app is supported by advertising revenue. Please note.
What's new in v2
We have fixed minor bugs.
  • App History
  • Update
    June 7 2019
  • New App: Free
    June 7 2019