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WiDo - Revolution of to-do
Alessio Zanfino
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For all the essential notifications that require a specific geographical location, there is WiDo the first app in the world that does not use the GPS position, but uses your Wi-Fi connection, with a considerable saving in terms of energy of your device.
You can decide to receive a notification when you are at home, at work or wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can also decide to receive notifications when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network.
A useful app to simplify your daily life and the organization of the days.
The insertion of the information is simple and described in every phase, making every WiDo easy and fast.

Main features:
- Automatic detection of new Wi-Fi networks to which you are connected, will send a notification reminding you to save the new network
- Receive notifications when a specific Wi-Fi network is detected
- Receive notifications on a specific day of the week when you are under a particular Wi-Fi network
- Receive notifications when you are not connected to any Wi-Fi network
- Receive notifications when you are not connected to any Wi-Fi network on a certain day of the week

How does it work?
Give a name to the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, if you are connected to a new network the app will remind you to save it with a notification.
Once the network is registered, you can create your WiDos by specifying the network you just saved.
To create a new WiDo, simply touch the button with the blue "+" symbol at the bottom right and follow the suggestions you will find on the screen, in a few seconds you will have created your first WiDo, all in a simple way.

Start creating your WiDo now!
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