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People who review goals daily earn 900% more than the rest and are more satisfied with their life.

Now, CEOs, leaders and employees get the opportunity to use a motivating, powerful and user-friendly goalsetting system with the EverGoal app.

Our Features are Your Advantages:

1) Memorise Goals Effortlessly
EverGoal makes the reviewing of your goals fun, easy and effective. Create goals, revise them every day and grow your Streak-Score to show yourself and others how focused and resilient you are.
If you have your goal in mind at all times, your focus and subconscious mind will direct your actions towards your success.

2) Monitor Your Progress
Save achieved goals always to remember how powerful you can be when you focus on what you want.
After reviewing all your goals, you build Your Focus Tower. This tower stays forever. It represents that when keeping focus long enough, you can reach the stars.

3) Measure Your Focus With Colleagues
In the GoalGroup, you can see how high you are up in the Streak Ranking and whether your co-workers or colleagues reviewed their goals today. That way, employees can support each other in the process of keeping the focus on goals.

Our Purpose:
Imagine a life in which you wake up excited every day with clear vision and goals for your successful future. When you are laser-focused the whole day, you will be able to work more motivated and productive without changing how you. EverGoal helps you to create constantly the same motivation you had on day one.

Today is the age of information overload. The world has never been more confusing than today. The most valuable currency right now is the ability to focus. That’s why EverGoal helps your employees to set and review their goals every day.
We give your organisation the full power of focus.

EverGoal is the bridge that connects motivating communication of goals with the employee`s best performance.
Your staff will be able to turn corporate goals into achievements by being more motivated and focused than ever before.

Stay focused and enjoy!
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