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Baby Journal - Daily Memories
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Start today to capture the most emotional, funny and remarkable moments in your kids' lives and keep all the little details that we tend to forget about way too quickly. Now you can keep them forever and even share them with friends, family or the whole world.
This app is easy to use and intuitive. For every single day you can save a picture and a text to later remember what happened on that specific day. You can flag entries as favourite or milestone to find the most important moments even more quickly.

Check it out now for free! You can try everything with limitation of 10 entries before you unlock unlimited entries through in-app-purchase.

Start today and make sure you'll never forget again about all those important little details that happen every day in our kids' lifes.

- Simple and intuitive user interface
- One entry per child per day, either with picture and text or just one of both
- Share your entries with selected friends & family through Instagram, iMessage, WhatsApp, etc.
- High data security through use of Apple iCloud
- Choose between two different list views for your entries
- Jump to a specific month/year through dropdown selector to avoid endless scrolling
- Quickly switch between your different kids' profiles
- Flag entries as milestone and/or favorite and show a filtered list of those
- Automatically synchronise all your entries between your various Apple devices where you installed Baby Journal
- Quickly create new entries or easily change existing ones
- Set up a daily notification to make sure you never forget to write down those little details that happened today
What's new in v1.10
Tweaks and bugfixing.
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