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Forbidden is a team based party game that you play IRL (In Real Life). So bust out some party snacks and get ready for an epic game night!

Taking turns, a player from each team will describe a word / phrase to their teammates, without saying any of the 5 related FORBIDDEN words. A player from the opposite team will monitor to make sure the forbidden words aren't used. Have your team guess as many words as they can before you run out of time. Once every player has gotten a turn, the team with the most points wins!

The game contains 1,500+ cards and counting plus a variety of category decks, including:
- Kid Friendly / Easier Cards
- Food
- Movies
- Celebrities
- Brands
- Disney
- World History
- Travel Destinations
- And more!


(There is a variant for 2+ players as well, see in-app instructions)

Forbidden is a card/board game in your pocket. It is perfect for non gamers, family gatherings, hanging with friends, long lines at theme parks, or uncles who feel the need to bring a huge bag with their entire boardgame collection to family gatherings (That last one is me)!
What's new in v2.0
- Completely revamped the instructions / rules
- Added new cards to every category
- Plus a brand new App Icon!
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