Buldi's Field Trip in Camping
3.0 (50)
iOS Universal
Buldi's Field Trip in Camping
Vyacheslav Kourov
iOS Universal
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4.0 (482)
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3.0 (50)
***For a comfortable game, we recommend that you increase the brightness level to the maximum.***

Earlier, Buldi was at school and taught mathematics, now you have a trip to the Camping!

Go to Camping with Buldi for fun!

You are tired of studying and especially solve math problems from Buldi in notebooks!
You came from Buldi to the forest to rest and fry the marshmallow. But the fire can go out. In order not anger Buldi , you need to collect the branches and throw them into the fire.
Collect as many branches as possible to get a lot of bonuses!
Be careful, Baldy is angry, otherwise he will overtake You and punish with a ruler!

How long can you live, a day, two or five nights in a scary forest, where there's no one else besides you and Buldi ?

In this field trip, you go camping with Buldi . Your goal is to keep the fire alive for three minutes. You can play it safe by throwing small amounts of firewood onto the fire, or you can take a riskier strategy by trying to gather a lot of pieces of firewood and throw them in all at once. Extra fuel gets converted into big points!

You will have a limited amount of time, because you will be chased by Buldi , if the fire goes out, then it will be dark, scary and evil Baldy will catch up with you!

You need to collect the branches in the camp so that the fire does not go out. For every time the fire goes out, an angry Buldi can arrange a horror for you and if he finds you, then there will be no turning back. To survive more than five nights, you need to know all the basics of Buldi in the camp.
What's new in v4.1
- Replaced characters
- Replaced textures
- Replaced sounds
- Made a small optimization
- Minor bugs fixed
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