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Fridge Hero: Track Food Expiry
Charles Plett
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4.5 (15)
Are you fed up with a cluttered, disorganized fridge? Are your shelves jam-packed, yet you have no idea what’s actually in the fridge or which items are still safe to eat? Do you dread the task of tossing all the fuzzy blue remnants of your favorite foods? Embarrassed about your contributions to the landfill? Horrified by the amount of money you are literally throwing in the trash? (In case you’re wondering, research suggests that’s over $1700 per household each year!)

Become a FRIDGE HERO today! Keeping track of your fridge has never been easier – bet you can do it in less than three minutes a day! It will leave you feeling better organized, less stressed about meal planning, and free up some extra cash.

• Input food items using the Fridge or Freezer tabs, or access the Pantry in the menu, and add exactly the details YOU find most helpful such as best-before dates, quantity, and customizable notes.

• Swipe left or right to easily track what has been eaten, frozen, or trashed.

• Review your food history so that you can take pride in your savings and learn from your mistakes.

• Sort and color code automatically to help you prioritize which foods to Eat or Freeze at a quick glance.

• Shop efficiently. Move your consumed grocery items to your Shopping List and, once they are purchased, back into the Fridge tab. Or customize a list to suit your needs.

• Customize reminders, such as a daily prompt to record your fridge activity or item-specific reminders so that you don’t forget to incorporate your leftovers into specific meals.

• Sync with Dropbox so that everyone in the household can be a FRIDGE HERO! Everyone knows what’s good to eat, what you’re saving for a special occasion, and what to pick up from the grocery store on the way home from work.

Organizing your Fridge has never been easier! You can do it! YOU ARE THAT HERO!
What's new in v1.0.8
Improved performance.
Minor feature updates.
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