Picture Proof
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Picture Proof
Maike Warner
iOS Universal
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Picture Proof is a great photo app, easy and fun to use. Open the app, take a picture, and voila, the address, date and time are displayed directly on the image. Save the photo if you like it, or cancel to retake it. Send it to friends, family or colleagues, all sharing options are available – social media, email or message.

Ever get lost and found it difficult to remember or pronounce the street you are on? Or worse, you have no idea where you are? Just take a selfie on the spot to know where you are, and the address info is now on photo to send to your hotel, partner or friend to help you home!

Ever walk by a cool shop or interesting monument, and you want to come back to it or learn more about it online, but have no idea as to what the address is? PictureProof makes it so easy to re-locate and research what you found so intriguing! No more having to search for street signs or write down addresses – the address is right on the picture itself as soon as you snap the picture!

A Picture Proof photo certainly serves as proof that you were really there! Take a selfie right on the spot and the address, date and time will be printed on the image. Also, in some countries, it can actually be used as evidence during legal proceedings or with law enforcement.

These are a just a few uses… but we know there are many more!

Download Picture Proof now and enjoy!

- Easy to use & practical
- Make photos that show your current location, date & time
- Perfect for when you are travelling, whether at home or abroad
- Perfect if you or a loved one gets lost easily
- Snap locations to easily find it online or to know where to return
- Prove to others you were really at that location
- Share photos on social media, email or message

- Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad. Optimized for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and latest models.
- Device Rotate (Portrait / Landscape)
- iOS 13 Dark Mode
What's new in v3.0
In this version I fixed a bug regarding the iPad.
Available for iOS 13, supports Dark Mode!
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