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Colors - pixels to colors
Karolis Raiselis
iOS Universal
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Have you ever seen a color that you would like to save to your phone with camera? Or maybe you have a screenshot of an app that has good looking color palette and would like to know what colors are used?

Look no more because "Colors" app is here to help you. With live color picking using camera and color extraction from photos, you can do so much more in your workflow as a designer or just a person looking for an inspiration for his next projects color pallet.


Using camera, save colors live and preview them in color preview screen. You can also check for colors inside photos or screenshots you have in your photos library.

No registration, or other process needed. Just download and start capturing those colors from phots and a world around you!
What's new in v1.0.0
A bug fix here, a bug fix there. Nothing special this time, just love and quality.

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    July 16 2019
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    July 9 2019
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    April 23 2016
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    February 10 2016