Nature Meditation with Timer
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Nature Meditation with Timer
Jeffrey Harris
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Relaxation can have powerful effects on our biology the more resilient we are, the healthier we remain. Everyone works best when they feel their best! So break up your day in front of the computer, meetings, rushing here & there doing chores, by taking just a few minutes of silence throughout the day- easy!

This application will help you to kick-start your focus on energy management through meditation. All you have to do is start. In the hectic time deficit world, we currently live in, this timer gives you the choice to pre-book appointments to allow you to take a 1,2,3 or 4-minute silent meditation.

Take just a minute every hour/three hours – Yes that’s all! And it will help even if you take just a minute. This is the first step to moving from living at a fast-paced hectic state to living a mindful life.

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# Water Drops
# Ocean Waves
# Forest Ambience

Enjoy the music :-)
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