Fury Survivor
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Fury Survivor: Pixel Z
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5.0 (131)
Gun or Magic? Make your choice in Doomsday!


Travel through the Universe in Z Day!
Survivors could enjoy different interstell travel in new chapters [Launch Center] & [To Space Station].

Mining could also be social in Z Day!
Battles among different guilds unlock at level 43, fighting for rich veins.

Who is Mecha Hero in Z Day!
6 mecha equipments are for survivors to choose. Become the Mecha Hero now!

Unveil maze of DUNGEON SURVIVOR in Z Day!
Could you find the deep secret in Dungeon?"

WARNING! Z-Virus leaked out! Z-Virus leaked out! Z-Virus leaked out!
Within just a few days, most of humanity had been infected. All that is left are countless bodies and wandering zombies. But you, the hero raised in Doomsday, became a fury survivor to accomplish your mission.

*Find Family in Apocalypse*
Your beloved wife and daughter disappeared in the apocalypse. In order to find them, you must travel through different areas and wipe out zombies along the way. The path is extremely perplexed. Just be brave, Warrior!

*Zombie Slaughter Party*
Kill or be killed, you have no choice! Infected zombies are everywhere, and you must become a ruthless killer. Carry your gear and weapons, enjoy a slaughter feast with your soaring adrenalin. The splashing blood and the burst of zombie brain will be your trophies. Kill all of them NOW!

*Scavenge Supplies & Weapons*
Arm yourself and be ready to fight anytime. Search for supplies such as food, beverage, equipment and weapons across the map. Diverse weapons are waiting for you to choose.

*Build Viable System*
In the Doomsday survival is the most basic goal. Utilize your camp to collect food, water, wood, etc., learn different crafts and create your own refuge. Remember, you are the Fury Survivor!

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What's new in v1.8
1. Added Chapter 20 & 21. Added new mode.
2. Added Mecha. (Unlocks at Level 70)
3. Added Space War. (Unlocks at Level 70)
4. Added Vein Hunt.
5. Added a new weapon.
6. Increased the caps of backpack and storeroom by 50.
7. Increased the max level of the character to 210.
8. You can blitz Ult Rescue and Mutant Challenge once a day when reaching specific level.
9. Added more layers of Zombie Lair, Endless Abyss, and Mine.
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