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The application showcases the overall monthly results based on the partner organizations’ feedback on six statements, one per driver (shown below) – with the exception of Timeliness, which has two questions. Responses are calculated using a five-point scale from “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree”.
1 a) Timeliness: Overall, I am satisfied with the amount of time it took to receive SSC services.
2 b) Timeliness: When there is an unplanned outage or emergency, SSC addresses and resolves it in a timely manner.
3 Ease of Access: SSC service information is readily available online or from my SSC Account Team.
4 Positive Outcome: Overall, I was satisfied with the SSC services I received.
5 Process Aspects: When I have a problem or service delivery issue, SSC keeps me and my department up to date on the resolution.
6 Engagement Experience: My SSC Account Team manages the relationship effectively.

The application allows you to select a specific department to see how they rank Shared Service Canada.
The application presents the data in a table where changes are marked in GREEN (if the score is better than the previous month) or RED (If the score is lower than the previous month).
When you select the data it will provide a graph where you can filter on the year and/or the criteria that is measured.

Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – Canada.
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