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avocado: social investing
Kartik Raghuram
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Create and join communities to talk about everything related to finance. Content ranging from podcasts to videos and everything in between, not just from posts but sponsored channels. Invest in crypto currency and stocks through our partner brokerages.
When you join avocado:
● Learn: We will help you understand everything about finance and guide you to follow your passion, whatever that may be
● Social: Follow any and every account on avocado to make new connections. When you follow an account, you have access to all their content, posts, and public group pits. Pits are where you can have seamless group interaction
● Invest: Invest in any stock or crypto through our partner brokerages. We provide key financial data to better enhance investing decisions
● Integrate: Listen to podcasts through Spotify and post any video from any platform
New To Investing?
We make the transition easy and fun. Investing has always been about how much access to key information one has, and at avocado our goal is to provide as much transparency to one as possible to better their understanding.
Keeping your information safe is not only of the utmost importance, but is central to our mission of truly democratizing finance.
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