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HN MyClub
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Save time and transform the way you do business with fast and reliable receipting, easy customer sign-ins, simple menu setup and more. You’ll love all the key benefits HN MyClub has to offer!

• FAST RECEIPTING – Say goodbye to the end-of-month receipting crunch. Submit receipts lightning-fast and in real time as you make each sale.

• RELIABLE – Keep your business running whether you’re on or offline! HN MyClub keeps working even when your network or the system is unavailable or not reliable.

• EFFICIENT – Receipt on the go! HN MyClub works seamlessly from your phone or tablet.

• TEAM-FRIENDLY – Multiple operators can use the tool simultaneously, helping you keep pace with your customers.

• CONVENIENT – Club and menu setup is hassle-free! Copy the Club model and menu from your upline or your other Clubs, or follow the Club setup wizard to create and customize as you see fit.

• INSIGHTFUL – Identify trends and confidently make business decisions using in-depth reports and metrics.

• CUSTOMIZABLE – Each Nutrition Club has its own methods of operation. Adapt HN MyClub to fit your Club’s unique needs.

Start using this amazing tool today, and focus on your community while HN MyClub assists with everything else!
What's new in v1.0.9
• Some customer phone numbers/emails were not prepopulated for receipts
• Open orders were not loading correctly when the customer contact in the queue was missing a required piece of information
• Duplicate receipts were created for some Clubs
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