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maggmet - Hang out together
iOS Universal
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Hang out together!
Lunch and drinking party, etc, enjoy everything with everyone!

● Meeting in real time
The pins you are inviting now appear in real time on the map!

● Recruitment and participation one tap
When recruiting or joining, just press the button!

● Let's go to offer place immediately
No need to exchange messages, just head for the place!

● Commit to meeting
You won't consume coins for billing items until you actually meet.

※ It is consumed once when it comes near the recruitment place, but if it is judged that the system can not be met after that, the coin will be returned.

● Meet without a message
When you get close, you and your participants' location will be displayed!
Let's pick each other's terminal here and let them know the position (flash)!

● Security of relief
The position will not be displayed until you come close to the recruitment place. ※ Only the approximate distance is displayed, not the specific position of each other.

● Corresponding area
Currently available areas are limited. We will expand one by one!
Tokyo (23-ku: Special wards of Tokyo)
What's new in v0.4.1
There is more to life than increasing its speed. (Improved battery performance yay!)
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