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maggmet - Casual meeting app
T2DG Co,. Ltd.
iOS Universal
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A casual meeting app that lets you meet casually without message exchange!

● What is a casual meeting?
Stop spending a lot of time and money to exchange messages!
The goodness of people is not the exchange of meaningless messages, but it is only understood after meeting.
From now on, there will be a time when you can meet people in real time more freely!
It's a casual meeting app that goes beyond the matching app!

● Meet in real time
The pins you are inviting now appear in real time on the map!

● Recruitment and participation one tap
When recruiting or joining, just press the button!

● Let's go to offer place immediately
No need to exchange messages, just head for the place!

● Commit to meeting
You won't consume coins for billing items until you actually meet.

※ It is consumed once when it comes near the recruitment place, but if it is judged that the system can not be met after that, the coin will be returned.

● Meet without a message
When you get close, you and your opponent's location will be displayed!
Let's pick each other's terminal here and let them know the position (flash)!

● Security of relief
The position will not be displayed until you come close to the recruitment place. ※ Only the approximate distance is displayed, not the specific position of each other.

● Corresponding area
Currently available areas are limited. We will expand one by one!
Tokyo (23-ku: Special wards of Tokyo)
What's new in v0.0.1
Fixed a horrible bug! In-app purchase has been activated!
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  • Update
    July 12 2019
  • New App: Free
    July 10 2019