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Easily share photos that capture everyday changes. Not only can you keep up with your friends and family, you can also enjoy interesting content from around the world. In the community where people all over the world gather, share various contents that express yourself from the change of shock to every change of everyday.

What you can do:

You can post photos you want to display in your profile. You can also combine your favorite photos into a single photo that fills the screen.

Browse photos of people you follow on your timeline and find out which products are used for the posts you care about.

Look at popular posts fast and lively express your own creatives. Popular posts will be viewed by many and will lead to more followers.

You can always interact with your friends and followers. Share your changes with people around the world.

The posts of the account you are following will be displayed on the timeline by priority.

Search tab, you can check the products you are interested in and change, and find the account to follow.
What's new in v6.0.1
About three months have passed since I started orthodontics.

In the early days,
"I can't eat anything."
"I'm tongue-tied."
"My front teeth are getting bigger and bigger."

There's a lot of things to worry about...

But now I'm getting better and more excited than anxious.

After the orthodontics is done, I would like to show you the before-after!

In this update, we have corrected the following:

·You can now display your self-introduction in your profile.

·You can now attach URL to your profile.

·The timeline is now randomly displayed.

·Image quality of posted images has been improved.

·I fixed other minor bugs.
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