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Aleksei Sturov
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The Funtick app allows you to add a loyalty program in the form of game mechanics to your business!

Install and configure in less than 10 minutes!

The following components are available to you:


Arrange a promotion and encourage customers for their collections (for example, “Every fifth glass of coffee as a gift”).


Add a progress hierarchy (for example, bronze, silver, and gold). Levels allow you to endow a user with various privileges.


Add a bonus system. Encourage customers with bonuses and exchange them for special rewards.

Referral program

Set up a referral program and reward clients for bringing new customers from among personally familiar people.

How it works:
1. Install the Funtick application;
2. Log in;
3. Go to settings and create a business profile;
4. Select components;
5. Form a set of products;
6. Authorize the client in the application by phone number, email, digital or QR code;
7. Send points, bonuses or stamps for each service you provide or product purchased from you.
8. If the client has a mobile application installed, he will receive a push notification and see the received bonuses in the feed.
What's new in v1.1.2
Fix bugs;
Added customer list;
Added a client search by phone number and email;
Added reviews and rating;
Added prices to products.
  • App History
  • Update
    July 3 2019
  • Update
    July 1 2019
  • Update
    June 27 2019
  • New App: Free
    June 6 2019