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Medical lab services directory.Tests catalog and viewing detailed information about each test, also it enables users to receive and view their conducted tests results and schedule a house call visit. Medlabs app also provide full information about medlabs program”Sehtak Bil Denia” “صحتك بالدنيا” packages, included tests, fees and discounts .
1. Medlabs Tests’ Catalog.
2. Share test results with a doctor by email.
3. Schedule a house call visit with check team availability function.
4. Receive notification about new tests, promotion and health campaigns.
5. View Information about Sehtak Bil Denia program; program details, packages, included tests, fees.
6. Locate nearest Medlabs branch.
7. Bilingual Interface (Arabic/English).
What's new in v1.3
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    June 18 2019