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aladdin - Service Ordering App
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“aladdin is a ‘convenient’ platform powered by internet of things button that let you get many orders and services locally on-demand and have it delivered from one of the best “nearby services providers”

“Residents can place voice order for the service they want via aladdin button or app by just one click. The platform will dispatch the order to one of best service provider around the consumer, to get service fulfilled quickly, efficiently with zero extra cost.

Get access to many nearby services with aladdin and it will be delivered with zero extra cost. You can order grocery, vegetables & fruits, medicine, gas cylinder, water bottle, home cleaning service, home maintenance , car cleaning, laundry service and even taxi plus more…! through just one click and voice command.

User can access the service by using aladdin app, or even with just smart internet of things button that enable the customer to get access to many services through simple button click.

WHY USE aladdin?

- Easy-to-use and to order, just simple click.
-You just say what you need through voice command, and aladdin get it done.
- Order many things, anywhere, anytime, and get it delivered by best nearby service provider.
- No extra cost.
- Extra Convenience through internet of things button.

WITH aladdin YOU CAN:
- Order many services you want by one click.
- Access aladdin service through aladdin app or through aladdin hardware button.
- Order from nearby service providers.
- Set your serving stores and service providers preference.
- Track and follow the service/order delivery.
- Rate your experience.
- Reorder your favorite items with 1 click.
- Share with family and friends: invite your friends and family members.
- Get all services delivered by one platform with zero extra cost.
- Enable the lite mode in aladdin button, that enables you to place any order in one click.
- Enable In-App order mode that enable you to get into more details during placing an order.

ABOUT aladdin
aladdin is a free app you have on smart phone or a free physical internet of things button that allows you to order any on-demand service in your area through simple click and voice command. aladdin makes life easier for people around the world. Download the app for free, , get your button for free from any of our service provider partners around you and whenever you want something just use aladdin and we get it done.

Have a wifi at Home?
Get your aladdin wifi button, and whenever you need any service, just click the button, then you will receive a call, speak to record your order and hang-up, then aladdin will get your service done.
Regardless of the service type, click aladdin button, and aladdin will get your order fulfilled.
To get your button, please contact us on

We’ll do anything to make your aladdin experience as good as possible. If you need any help, please contact our customer service at

You can also find us on:
- Our site:
- Facebook:
- Instagram: aladdinbutton/

DOWNLOAD NOW – Anything you want, get it by one click.
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