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upRing | Contact manager
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The most private and secure contact manager app.

Why use upRing | Contact Manager?

• upRing is a contact manager that allows you to exchange personal data from device to device and maintain your contact lists up-to-date.

• Your data and communications remain completely private and up-to-date.

• Easily clean up your contact duplicates.

• No more toggling between contacts and remembering what information you have for each duplicate. Simply select a contact, review duplicate information, select what information you'd like to keep and merge it. All from a single, smart view.

• Organize your contacts into custom groups with upRing | Contact Manager.

• Find out how reliable is your contact list with reports.

• Find and fix incomplete contacts privately and secured. Keep them always updated.

• Review historical communication.

If you are looking for a contact manager, upRing is the most comprehensive solution for all your contact management needs.





○ Data is shared privately from device to device. We don't see it.

○ Your contacts are stored in your device only. We don't have them.

○ Enjoy maximum privacy and safety: your contacts remain solely in your device. Communications are secure and private between users, directly from device to device. We do not have access to your contacts or your communications. You maintain control at all times.

○ Add or delete contacts right from upRing | Contact Manager.


○ Find duplicate contacts.

○ Merge duplicate contacts.

○ Request updated contact information to duplicated contacts.

○ Smart view. All of your contact's duplicate information at a glance.


○ Request a Business Card to your contacts to confirm that you have their updated contact details. Your contact list updates automatically upon receiving the Cards.

○ Create unlimited Business Cards with different personal details (professional, family, friends, events...).

○ Share your Business Cards with select contacts to keep them updated for as long as you want. Edit your Cards and update your contacts automatically.

○ Respond to your contacts’ requests to keep them updated. Update the details they have about you or simply ignore the requests (they won't know that you have ignored them).


○ Backup your upRing | Contact manager history and activity to your iCloud.


○ Quickly organize your contacts into custom groups. Customize upRing's | Contact Manager experience by creating groups for your family, friends, co-workers, clients, partners, team players, and anything you can think of.

○ Select multiple contacts and add them to a group.

○ Follow our suggested group recommendation and efficiently group your contacts.

○ Send them your Card with updated contact details, or request them a Card to update their contacts in your contacts list. You can also select multiple contacts and send/request a Card.


○ Find out how reliable your contacts list is. With upRing Contact Manager, you can find out how many duplicates contacts, incomplete contacts, and how many contacts need to be updated. Fix what you need effortlessly.


upRing is a privacy-conscious, contact manager app. The most comprehensive solution for all your contact needs.

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What's new in v1.25.0
- Introducing:

New Card experience!

Your Cards get a total makeover. Now you can add your picture or logo to your Card, and we made it easier to create your Card.

- System improvements.

- Bug fixes.

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