Duel second screen display
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Duel second screen display
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4.5 (52)
The first time ever, you can use your iPad & iPhone as a second screen for your Mac with features even more powerful than any other applications of the market available on App Store.
- No cable needed
- No app needed on your Mac
- Zero lag

The application is perfect for any business people who would like to improve their working performance with the second screen for their Mac. The people of the industries are the perfect clients for the app: developers, graphic designers, administrators, movie makers, game designers, ...

Our application helps users save cost to buy another screen if you have an iPad already. The normal price for a second screen is from $150 to $300.

In many cases, when you are on a business trip, there are no ways to bring your big screen. You just need to bring your iPad or iPhone. Then with our app, you turn your iPad or iPhone into your second screen.

Or when you want to improve working performance when you are on the bed or on the mountain, our solution is a great fit for your second screen need.

Our app is now available completely free to test all the functionalities of our app.

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What's new in v1.4
- Update keyword list
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