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Denys Pashkov
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[Highlighted, an app for students by students]
Imagine yourself as an university student: you’re really into the degree course you chose, you attend lessons with all your passion and enthusiasm, being always on time and taking notes during classes, asking questions to your teachers, you really like your colleagues.
But you also have too many books. Too many pages.
You are swamped by pages and pages to read, underline, summarize, repeat.
You would then need a tool to speed up your study optimizing the time. 
This is "Highlighted": underline books with your highlighter, with a single tap on your iPhone you have the chance to scan the pages while the app will isolate the highlighted text only, converting it into text format. You can save it and, later, quickly edit it from your beloved devices.

(This is version 1.0 the system of highlight recognition is still not perfect but we are working for improving and for now the app recognise only orange marker)

[App by Aegis Team]
App Idea: Anthony Pizzano, Vincenzo Raucci, Delia Cavalli, Marco Pistillo, Denys Pashkov
UX Designer: Anthony Pizzano, Vincenzo Raucci
UI Designer: Vito De Bellis
Front-End Coding: Delia Cavalli ,Denys Pashkov
Back-End Coding: Denys Pashkov
  • App History
  • New App: Free
    May 25 2020